2005 14u Gold Don Fields

Coaches Don Fields Carlos Chavez

The team is Coached by Don Fields and assisted by Coach Carlos Chavez. 

We have sent more than half the team to fully sponsored College Camps, and will begin the process of educating our athletes about their college options.  The team will Chase PGF this year as a 2nd year 14u, and will be a focal point in the organization in terms of college preparedness both on and off the field.  We are looking for another Top Line Pitcher, Elite Speed, or a Big Bat Athlete to round out the roster.  Please use the link below to inquire about this team!

Tired of Daddy Ball?

If you are looking to get your young athlete in an competitive environment and prepare them to play softball at the highest levels, we are looking for you!  We offer quality coaching and instruction, while balancing fun and allowing your athlete to play multiple sports.  Our Program is geared to training your young athlete to play Softball the right way, developing fundamentals and mental preparedness which will lay the foundation for years to come.    The team will compete once a month in quality tournaments, and will have 1 week off per month.  Come out and learn more about our program!