Travel Ball FAQ

Travel ball is a big commitment, but is an investment like no other. You will see your player become better, more confident, deal with adversity, and develop into athletes. If the program is followed, and the work is put in, you can look forward to many opportunities arising. Coaching has taken me all over the country, and even afforded my players opportunities to play all around the world! The experiences you will gain cannot be quantified. Below is an overview of what you can expect. 

1. Playing Ball at the highest level! There are no run limits, and many days are filled with several games. The days are really long. The tournaments are set up as playing “Pool Play” games on Saturday, and eliminations start Sunday. On Pool Play days, all players play. Some tournaments will only allow you to bat 9 players. I typically work everyone on Saturday. Sunday is elimination day. We bat the top 9 and play the top 9. The expectation is to play multiple games on Sunday’s so we try to get all players in, but cannot guarantee this. Players guarantee playing on Sunday by following the program.  

2. Uniform / Start up Cost – Uniform cost is $300.

3. Team Fees vary based on Age.

4. Practices and Conditioning – Team practice is mandatory unless notice is given. I am working on practice fields and will update you as to when they are secured. We also have Conditioning 3 times this season at the beach. If you can play in the sand you can play anywhere. Since we play a lot of games, I make sure the boys are in good physical shape to compete. We also begin strength training. This help prevents injuries. I use a lot of resistance training and target “sport specific” Muscles (Shoulders, Elbows, Legs, Hip Flexors) 

5. Playing time – This is the biggest difference from Rec Ball. Playing time is earned, not given. If your athlete comes to practice, works hard during the week, and puts in the time, they will play because they will get better. If you miss practice, I can almost guarantee your innings will be affected. I teach this group like school. We build every single week, and the strategy and decision-making process is taught at practice. I cannot stress enough the importance of working with the team. I teach the kids how to manufacture runs, read defenses, and know how to manufacture outs. This is taught in practice. 

6. Grade Checks – I do require all players maintain an above average GPA. In the recruiting process, you will learn no matter how good your kid is without the grades your options are limited. School is important so we try to teach this balance at a young age. 

7. Have fun. You will never get this time back to watch your kid. No matter win or lose remember it is just a game. These games are just training for bigger games. I will teach them how to deal with pressure and adversity. In this sport, you will fail 70% of the time if you are a very good player, and fail 65% of the time if you are a Great player. I am in this for the long haul, so give them time to develop, and don’t take it that seriously. 

8. Birth Certificates and Emergency Contact Forms will be required for all players. I will have to obtain Team Insurance and Roster Certifications.  

9. Fundraising is required to help with travel cost, equipment, and are team specific. The proceeds from all fundraisers go directly to your team.